CCleaner Vs SlimCleaner

CCleaner Vs SlimCleaner; if this is something that you have been trying to settle on your mind, learning about what they have to offer will help determine which application is best for you. Both of these programs are available for download at no cost so you can enjoy the features that they offer without spending a single dollar. Furthermore, they use low system resources and are compatible with different operating systems. Choosing between SlimCleaner Vs CCleaner will give you a win-win situation as these two are known for their performance. They have been downloaded and used by millions of computer owners. To help you determine which software will work best for your needs, here are their features.


This application offers users the ability to remove temporary files, browsing history, stored passwords and accessed documents with just a click. It knows which programs store them and they are automatically selected. CCleaner will analyze the system and check for the documents, files and sites accessed, including their details. All of these files can affect the performance of the computer as they use system resources. Deleting them will free up space on the computer improving its speed. This can easily be done with the help of CCleaner.

Fixing corrupted files on the registry may seem scary especially to those who are not technically inclined. However, this application can fix missing or corrupted registry files allowing applications to run properly. Uninstalling programs on the computer, enabling and disabling application on startup, as well as system restore require different steps. But all of them can be done on the Tools option of CCleaner. One of the best features of CCleaner that is not available on SlimCleaner is its drive wiper. It overwrites free spaces on the disk so it will not be possible for other users to recover deleted files.


The user interface of this application is more organized and appealing to the eyes. There are 7 tabs on the left of the window, which you can click on to access its features. These 7 tabs are cleaner, optimizer, software, browsers, hijack log, disk tools and Windows tools. The cleaner works like the cleaner option of CCleaner. It cleans junk files, temporary Internet files, recently accessed documents, cookies and more. The Optimize option allows editing of the applications that you want to run when Windows start up. This is also available on CCleaner. This feature makes it easier to check the programs that are automatically running when the computer starts without having to use the Run command.

The software option allows uninstalling of programs so there is no need to go to the system’s control panel. The browsers option will list the plug-ins used on the browser like Flash, Shockwave, QuickTime and RealPlayer. The Hijack Log will list questionable programs with ratings from other users. Disk tools allow cleaning and optimizing computer drives. Windows contain tools found on Windows Utility so you can access them in one place. This application is easy to use so it will not take much time to familiarize yourself with its features